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Do Your Homework

Here is an excellent reminder that the internet is a marvelous tool for comparison shopping (remember what a pain that used to be)? Today I saw a cute pair of the Cedar Street boots above in a consignment shop at $150. I came home to run a price check and see what they were actually worth- and I found them cheaper brand new!

In fact, the internet seems to be in a competition right now to see who can have the best sale on Indigo By Clarks boots. Most places carried the same styles, but the four I liked best varied greatly in price- sometimes by $100! Even more interesting was that each pair was cheapest at a different site- there was no ‘best deal’ site. The rundown on the best sales- the Main Street at Endless starts at $79, the Turkish Blend is down to $51 at Lori’s Shoes- almost half of the ‘sale’ price elsewhere. Only Piperlime has the Cedar Street on sale at all (at $139, cheaper than the used pair I checked out), and  the Goody is $105 at Zappo’s vs. $120 at Endless and $150 elsewhere.

By the way, I ran the bunch through eBay. All of the new ones there were HIGHER than any of the ones from stores.  The Turkish Blends are going for $114 on eBay- anyone need a side business?

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