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  2. A-ha! Pleased to see the images made their way onto Ye Olde Lande ov Thee Haute Macabre. Just took a peek into the ‘secret vaults,’ & the behind-the-scenes video for this shoot is what I attempted to embed back on January 21st (though abandoned it after a few attempts proved fultile. “Typical me/Typical me/Typical me/I started something…”).

    If your luck is better than mine—which we both know it is in all matters technological—the video is rife with dark splendor, & features a Massive Attack of the auditory: complete with vocals by one ‘Elizabeth Fraser.’ ♥

    Black Flowers Blossom Fearless On My Breath,
    A Most Clintagious Catalottalisp


  3. It’s like The Nightmare Before Christmas made sweet, sweet love Alice in Wonderland, and this is their beautiful lovechild.