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Alexander McQueen F/W 2011 : Part II

There was a whole lot of weight put on how this collection turned out. Overall, I think it’s a decent collection, but I feel like the fetish touches were way too basic. I could cobble together a reasonable facsimile of most of the accessories from my own closet. It just didn’t go far enough. I felt like the clothes were beautiful, but not pushing any boundaries. More pics over at Huffington Post.

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  1. I think the collection is amazing. And the fetish elements are perfect. I love the spike heels, it’s beautiful.

  2. I too am sick of the Lady Gaga approach. McQueen was not a fetishwear designer; he was a fashion designer.

    It is only Burton’s second season since taking the helm at McQueen. Try for a second to imagine the pressure she is under to carry on his legacy.

    To me, what made this collection all the more brilliant was the restraint (and I don’t mean the bondage harnesses).

    The work speaks of early 2000s McQueen quality and painstaking attention to detail.

    Regardless of whether the collection is someone’s taste, it is undeniably McQueen.

  3. I think it’s a great collection. Being that she has been the number two at McQueen, she knows what to do to continue the legacy.
    I think most of the comments here are pretty harsh and unfair, (not even taking into account what this woman must have gone through over the last few months, and with everyone waiting to shoot her down) I think it holds together and combines the old, with some new ideas. I think it’s a nice bring into what should be an amazing future for the label.
    I for one would still eat my right arm off to work there!

  4. I really love this collection. It seems like just the right amount of edge and elegance, which is the McQueen signature. Frankly, I am sick to death of the Lady Gaga approach to fashion. Being as jaw-dropping and shocking as possible under the guise of making “a statement” doesn’t always work.

  5. I feel like that’s just it though. None of it looks like it was MEANT to go that far. I love this collection. The designs are simple but the details are fantastic. The single spikes on the shoes are great, because we’ve seen too much of spikes all over the place. Having one there gives it just the right amount of edge. I do feel, though, that the pictures above are of some of the weaker pieces. The tight dress with the sharp shoulders and lace-up front is INCREDIBLE.

  6. Rachel is dead on here… 100% agreed.
    I know you guys focus on fashion and picture posting… but maybe a little write up about Sarah Burton, who she is, and what the plan is for the McQueen legacy? For all of us not 100% up to date like myself?

  7. To me, the fetish touches felt forced. As though she designed the clothes, stepped back and said,
    “Ok now we have to the fetish things in so everyone will still see ‘mcqueen’ in this collection”.

    As with the first three pictures clockwise from the bottom left:
    “Ok, dress, check, and now i’ll put a bondage collar on. See? DONE! ….next? Ok…a toughie, but slap a harness on and we’re good. Well done! Shoes? Well… it’s looking a bit drab, lets go squiggly with the heal and throw some METAL on it! Yes! Oh! And a spike! That ‘ill really get them to like it. Ok we’re done here…”