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Hard to be Passive

Hard to be Passive, shot by Mariano Vivanco and Nicola Formichetti for  Vogue Hommes Japan.

Seriously, I’m developing a Skullboy fixation.


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  1. i don’t think that is a tatoo, i think that’s some kind of draw on the skin because it is not possible to have so many tatoos on your body, the skin can not breathe.

  2. My friend told me this guy use to be a squatter, now I’m seeing him doing some pretty nifty things. Interesting.

  3. no one should pay large amounts of money for those pants from the second pic. crust punks have been making those for years for next to nothing.

  4. im a tattooed model…not as heavily as this guy…..since when is modeling just about the clothes you are wearing….its about the whole package..the pose,look,lighting, makeup, wardrobe….sorry some models are more in it for the art…not the clothes. I am pretty heavily tattooed and i dont like being told that i cant make something work because of my mohawk and tattoos…I CAN make it work…and that is a real model.

  5. Such beautiful tattoos, and such a beautiful editorial.
    But I can’t help going slightly nerdy on this and think “wow, that’s one deformed skull and some serious lipping on his tattooed iliac crest right there. Ouch”

    Really like the shirt and the pearls in the pic with the text though, yep.

  6. Typhoid: That’s no tripe, in my view. I agree with you. The model is no doubt chosen because his look reflects an aspect/mood of the design that the designers want to emphasize. The same happens more frequently in fragrance ads: yeah, you could just photograph the bottle, but the product will sell better (and to a more specific audience) if you’re selling the mood or ethos it inspires as well. And that’s achievable partly through choice of model.

    LS: I also hope this opens doors for other tattooed models. I think it’s a step in the right direction.

  7. I would just like to mention that Rick (or Rico) is called ‘Zombie Boy’ not ‘Skull Boy’. With that being said it is nice to see such a heavily tattooed model doing high fashion modeling. Maybe this will open up the doors for other tattooed models and will open the minds of those in the mainstream modeling industry.

  8. Me three! I think he’s just breathtaking!!! Such a beautful enhancement of a gorgeous and melancholic face :3 I’m really happy that Haute Macabre introduced me to Rico in the first place!!

  9. @J I think it is fair to point out that with someone like Skull Boy the focus does seem to be much more on the model than the clothes he’s wearing, as evidenced by a shot in this editorial where he’s not even wearing any and the subject matter appears to be entirely his tattoos. Perhaps this is just another example of a model who becomes less a vessel for the clothes and more of a “personality”, as has happened with a number of high-profile supermodels in the past. They become more their name and their face and look than they are just a body for the stylist to drape garments on, so that the audience ends up concentrating more on them than the clothes: “oh, it’s Kate Moss!” not “oh, it’s a Valentino gown!” Whether you think this is bad or not is up to you, but I definitely think you could argue that there is a separation between these “personality” models and the models whose faces you forget, but the clothes you don’t. Personally I don’t mind seeing Skull Boy a lot more, purely because I appreciate having more high quality photographs of such detailed and extensive tattooing, which could even be used as further evidence that in sets featuring him he’s not so much a model as the actual subject of the work (whereas I think it’s fair to say that in other editorials the primary subject is the clothes and styling and the models are there to give it a human structure from which to work off).

    Good lord, I talk a lot of tripe sometimes.

  10. i am so tired of this guy. his look is limited and you couldn’t even tell if he had a facial expression under all that ink. that being said, i think he diminishes the impact of the clothing he models.