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I spent the weekend in Los Angeles, which of course required a trip to Melrose to gawk at the fashion victims (men: blue jean jeggings are not OK) and visit Forgotten Saints. I always find something worth coveting there, but this trip’s winners were all in the men’s department- jackets from Junker. (Warning: the Junker website is sparse- you’ll find a lot more of their designs on the Forgotten Saints site). Junker started out making clothing from dumpster scores- a far cry from the pricey bespoke creations they carry now, but the aesthetic remains. Everything has incredible details, unusual washes and patinas, and distressing in all the right places for perfect post-apocalyptic rocker wear.

One of the great things about Junker is that they are still small enough that each piece is individual, and they are more than happy to customize. Through Forgotten Saints, it takes about three weeks for a custom-fit jacket, and they are happy to do custom colors as well, or work with you to get a design you love.

Oh, did I mention that they do women’s clothes, as well?

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  1. Jesus fuck, I’m getting such a fashion hardon for this. I can’t afford a single thing but I’m bookmarking this for DIY inspiration