Marios Schwab Fall/Winter 2011 | Haute Macabre

Marios Schwab Fall/Winter 2011

I always feel a little conflicted about loving a puffy coat.

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  1. Eeew, the first one just makes me think of liver and intestines xP
    I have a puffy coat because I live in Wisconsin, but fashionwise it’s not my first choice.

  2. Unless you are super-skinny, puffer coats are disastrous. I wonder, if you take the stuffing out and just have the stitching & shine, would it still look awesome and work for thicker bodies?

  3. I’ve allready seen people here in the street (the netherlands) where their regular puffy coats with belts around it. where as its still somewhat nice looking on these tall skinny models with their fancy puff coats, on the average person with the average puff coat i think it looks horrible šŸ™