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Mugler RTW

Mugler RTW Fall 2011

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  1. It looks awesome when you watch the runway video. Fun and sexy and silly and just a good time. The show is definitely very much A SHOW.

    The pictures don’t make it look very good.

  2. Formichetti is a disgrace to the Mugler name. Then again, what kind of collection do you expect from someone whose muse is Lady Caca?

  3. I agree the collection is strange and impractical. You have to at least be able to imagine wearing the pieces but I can’t, other than a costume party. Mugler is doing too much meth it seems.

  4. To be honest this whole collection was a mess. Trying to find a decent piece in the lot is a chore, and most of the pieces are so ill fitting on the models. I feel like nothing works.

  5. Hmm, I’ll agree that it doesn’t look very saleable because most of it doesn’t really look wearable off a catwalk. But I feel that way about most things I see on catwalks regardless of the designer. The jacket on the skull/zombie boy looks like he was attacked by a craft basket full of black felt. Dumb. But I like the sheer fabric over the breasts. And the one on the right, 2nd form the bottom is very cool.

  6. I do like the electric blue looks, but most of this falls flat for me. I hate the sheer fabric over the breasts, I don’t know why designers do that! But I do like the black model, she’s the only one who’s really working these looks.

  7. No.

    There is nothing I like – nor can I see this being a very saleable collection being mostly sheer with weird silhouettes and forms, and contempt for breasts. The cinched in coat over the latex pants is a nice wearable piece but not particularly original in design, only in pairing. What is the point in being original if it’s ugly? Dropped crotches are so 2010 and they shouldn’t have been around then either.