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The Art of War

We have covered accessories that looks like weapons many times, but designer Kate Bauman’s enamled guns and sculptural steel gun racks are weapons that look like accessories. Hello, post-apocalyptic cowboy! I’ve always loved the detailing on antique guns, the carved wooden stocks and engraved metalwork. They seem so much more personalized than the industrial-looking weapons of today, more an extension of the person carrying them. But perhaps I romanticize. Either way, these are lovely, and I would be proud to carry one come the Zombie Apocalypse.

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  1. It’s exhilarating to finally find a blogger who actually knows what they are talking about. All joking aside, with as much info as there is floating around on the web, television, radio, and magazines, it is hard to know what to believe anymore. Good to know I am not the only gal who thinks this way.

  2. But can I get one with silver inlaid skulls and rosary crosses hanging from the bullet clips like in the Romeo & Juliet film?

  3. Fabulous. Do they count as art or do you need a permit to buy one?
    Brava for adding such a unique facet to HM – even fashionistas need designer weaponry ­čÖé

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