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The Bee’s Knees?

Not quite sure how I feel about the Chase chainmail knee strap from Armor ($200). I like the idea, but for one thing it’s hard for me to imagine this staying on. For another, I think my knees might be the very last part of my body I’d like to draw attention to. Opinions?

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  1. It’s silly on bare skin. It could be cool as a garter, up the thigh. But it would have to be reworked. As it is, it only looks uncomfortable (it would dig in after a block) and rather like a brace. More of an impediment than an ornament. Innovation can be a good thing but the tried and true work for a reason. This is where style comes in.

  2. I can sort of see this working over skinny jeans or leggings like people have suggested, but seeing it right on the skin just makes me think of those self-mortifying straps. You know, like the one the albino monk in The Da Vinci Code wears. Could totally just be me, though.

    A really interesting idea!

  3. Chainmail, takes a ridiculous amount of time to make, and it is very difficult on the hands. If you like the piece the price isn’t unreasonable. I think it is an interesting idea. But it’s not something that I would buy.

  4. Saw a girl yesterday with a knee brace on and for some reason, thought it looked pretty cool. I’d rather rock a knee brace.

  5. I think it’s great for editorial or if you have pants that have loops at the knees to keep them up but I too don’t know if I could rock them in real life. They are rockin’ thou.

  6. I think if you had the right body (or right knees) it would be very cool. Though, I couldn’t see spending that much money on a chain , i’d make my own with dog collars and elastic! 😉 For myself, It would be too bulky, and my knees aren’t the greatest, and I don’t wear anything shorter than mid-calf…

  7. Yeah, that would look totally bitchin’ over stockings, jeans or even knee high socks. Would rock!

    I suppose you could even be a rebel and wear it on your elbows, or even around your neck?

  8. I think it’s gorgeous, but it seems like any knee fat at all would hang out above and below it. I definitely don’t have the legs to rock that look!

  9. You can see the elastic bands peeking out behind, so I don’t think it will have any problem staying up, just like those knee pads you wore as a kid when skating.

    Hand-made chainmail that won’t pinch your skin when you bend your knee, even when tightly pressed against your skin like that… yeah, sounds like about $200. Materials+working time from a country that isn’t China or a South Asian country+profit, people.

    That said, I’m not willing to shell out for it, as it kind of makes you look like your prosthetic leg is going on a crusade (unless you’re into that, haha).

  10. For a handmade piece, I think the price is fair — chainmail takes a long time and a good amount of skill. Apart from that, how does it stay put — is there elastic at the back? And how would that feel? After walking around for a bit, would it make your knee look puffy? Yeah, just not sure about it.