Familyskiners | Haute Macabre


Hello, Muscovites! Russian designer Familyskiners seems like some sort of parallel evolution to LA’s Antiseptic Fashion, but with a heavier rock n’ roll edge.  And creepy hats. And, as one of our readers kindly pointed out, they seem to have the Russian version (Va5ilich) of Allan Amato to take their pictures, as well.

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  1. I definitely agree with Melisande; tastes like AMF. This collection seems to me to suffer from the Russian ‘Lack of edginess, so let’s make it as edgy as we can’ syndrome. I do like the hair horns, but ?????, ??????. ?? ????? ??????????, ?????????.

  2. I disagree, I would never have made any of that stuff. I think it’s more like AMF had AMF ever evolved. My asthetic was more finished and based off classic corsetry and armor.

  3. I didn’t think the “sexy-cave-girl” look COULD be done right…sometimes I like being proven wrong =)