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New Advertiser : Rock’n The Noir Scene Etsy Team

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Rock’n The Noir Scene

The Noir Scene is a team of Etsy artists and designers who share an intense attraction to unveiling the visual beauty of noir life.  The Noir world is an enticing nether region inhabited by sensual femme fatales, darkling muses and creatures of the fringe.   Rock’N The Noir Scene gives new legs to the noir concept.  It’s a fresh aesthetic of a stylish twilight-world – an interweaving of fashion, art, shadow fantasy, moonlight and mystery. This group of etsy store keepers share an outlying perspective where dark beauty and “alternative style” are celebrated!  Enigmatic, twisty, darkly delicious – sometimes jaded with perfection lost.  Always edgy – always on the move, these artists cultivate life and expression beyond “the limits of the box”.

Check the team out on Etsy and on their blog!