Steampunk Denim | Haute Macabre

Steampunk Denim

Shot by Ruven Afanador back in 2006

Denim: not at all the fabric I think of when I think “steampunk”. But that’s what I get for falling into the trap of pigeonholing both a style and a fabric, now isn’t it? It’s amazing what happens when you think outside the box.

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6 Comment

  1. Denim makes total sense in the context of the Wild West. I suppose it’s a more “americanized” Steampunk.

  2. yeah, that’s true, it’s easy to forget just how “vintage” denim actually is…. so want that dress, especially as it seems to have a handy bib front over the belly, I could loosen the buttons after too much pudding?

  3. Well, blue jeans were invented in the 1800s, so technically denim is a perfectly steam-able fabric. Gorgeous dress, too!