Summertime Blues | Haute Macabre

Summertime Blues

Michael Kors Jersey cowl, $63 †  Express Banded Drape-neck Top, $19.99

Perfect Racerback Tee, $22.00 † Suesha Tunic, $50.00

Christina Gavioli Shrug, $40.00  † Blue Slate Cami Pajama Set, $21.99


The first warm days of spring leave me energized, full of life and wonder and the need to buy short-sleeved tops. This year I’m so delighted I had a momentary, fleeting desire to join the masses reaching for the lighter colors in their closet. Then I thought better of it, and compromised with a promise to buy myself something in dark blue. It’s a color, after all.

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  1. questioning why the All Saints top went from $50 to $75. i saw this months ago & figured if i waited it would be marked down by now but nope according to the site it went up in price.