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You Remind me of the Man

Does this video for Belle Sauvage’s A/W 2011 seem familiar to anyone else?

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  1. the Hunger, the music & the style & of course the cage shots(reminiscent of the Mr.Murphy man,yes

  2. a blurry, random, distracted version of pugh….who’s vid i appreciated most because it wasn’t blurry and random…although at times distracting. i hope this whole mirror effect, randomness and lame techno music isn’t the new trend for fashion vids. as far as these things go i like Adrien Sauvage’s (no relation) This Is Not A Suit. He recently began work on a second short…looking forward to that.

  3. Three shots remind me of The Hunger: 1. the cage shot (peter murphy) 2. the shots of the tunnel floor, again reminiscent of that club scene with bauhaus 3. woman holding a cigarette = catherine deneuve and her cigarette

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