Shoeturday: Colorless Murder Feet Objects | Haute Macabre

Shoeturday: Colorless Murder Feet Objects

You read that correctly. Don’t call them “shoes”. Shoes are for walking in. These are for…well, the designer quotes  legendary shibari photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in the description, if that tells you anything,

Colorless Murder feet objects, horsehair and cherrywood, $3,462.00.

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  1. I’d just like to have them for an hour or so to examine them carefully from near. They seem to feature a horn or a horn tip at the ankle strap front.

  2. I’m sure Lady Gaga has these for running around town, doing errands.

    You know, the sweats-&-a-tshirt version of footwear.

  3. A friend of mine is getting a pair of these… I’m SO interested in how they will feel and whether they are really walkable…