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Future Couture

Future Couture, shot by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia (featuring Daphne Guiness)

Yes, I am on a Daphne Guinness tear.


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  1. I got to meet her right after she did this shoot. I was staying with Courtney Love and Daphne came up to her pent house in a pair of heel-less Nina Ricci Shoes and Royal blue skin tight dress. She was crazy hyper and talked way too fast, as she was telling us about the shoot. They let her keep this $40,000 opal sapphire ring that was beyond words gorgeous.

  2. There’s a bleakness in these photo’s. People living a hedonistic lifestyle, surrounded by death and decay yet not realizing it.

  3. oh, god. *breaking out the black lipstick* if someone could PLEASE teach me how she colors her hair like that, i would be so happy. off to buy me some italian vogue.

    again, thank you so much.