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Haute Macabre Approved: Daphne Guinness

Daphne Guinness seems like a throwback to a bygone era, or perhaps an F. Scott Fitzgerald character. While Paris Hilton has been single-handedly stripping the class from words like “heiress” and “socialite”, Daphne Guiness has been hard at work trying to put it back. The woman has miles of style. She has made her mark as a collector of haute couture (you wondered who was actually buying this stuff), as a sometimes fashion journalist, and mostly as a classy lady with a unique style who always looks perfect- without ever looking like one of those boring, stuffy society ladies. Thumbs up, Daphne. I bet you make the ladies at the country club twitch. Paris- take notes, honey. This is how it’s done.

How do you pick the right outfit for Alexander McQueen’s funeral?

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  1. Daphne is a TRUE lover of the “darker side” of fashion. She’s not afraid to take risks and lives her life doing good for the community. She truly is a fashion ICON.

    Check out some other STUNNING pics of her:

    This is her “running errands around town” look:



  2. She would make THE BEST Cruella de Vil. It’s mostly the hair, but she really does have the perfect look for it, and a great haughty expression.

  3. Sorry, Ms. Guinness, but Cradle Of Filth pipped you to the post on the knuckle gauntlet thing back when I was 13 and listened to shit like Cradle Of Filth. Everything else is top notch though.