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Black on Black

Every time I open up my Tumblr or check my Instagram, I get flooded with pics of whacky and whimsical manicures.  Cute, yes.  For me?  No.  This subtle black on black French manicure is making me want to brave the rains and go check to see if the salon on 43rd Street is open during the storm today.

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  1. This is so simple and gorgeous! It’s a pity that I am missing that girl gene that allows a mani to stay nice for more than 5 minutes. hmmm. I wonder how this would look as a pedi?

  2. the only problem with matte coats is that they chip pretty much instantly. I wonder if the glossy tips would help prevent that? gorgeous anyway. trying it this week

  3. I never wear polish, but I would do this look. I think it’s chic enough that I might even be able to get away with it at the office.