Avant-Garde | Haute Macabre


Stella Tennant channels Ethel Granger (Guiness Book world record holder for the smallest waist) for this shoot by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia.

I would also like to give props to  Animal New York for publishing this under the heading “High Fashion Planking”.

More after the beep.

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  1. She could be a world record holder but she definitely doesn’t look hot! As much as I support waist training, I understand that there needs to be a limit to everything, even waist training. You need to maintain a healthy training routine that’s safe for your body! and if you don’t even look good, what’s the point?

  2. As someone who tight-laces her silhouette is a bit dramatic for me. However; we all can mod our bodies however we want. I think she looks beautiful and the photography is absolutely fantastic. Thanks for this piece.

  3. I bought the Vogue Italia on holidays last week in Italy. For me it seemed that the goth-theme is all around in this September issue. Also the Haute Couture inclosure is quite dark! Highly recommended!!

  4. That’s fucking awsome acctualy and the fact her waist is that unhuman(?) is cool acctualy…but I would never ever let my own body experience something like that. Still artistic and lovely with the B&W-theme.