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Caped Crusader

Dark Force, shot by Ben Weller for Vogue Hommes Japan.

The cape. Once upon a time, it was a staple of the formal Gawth wardrobe. We thought they were dramatic, sophisticated, and European. And then one day we woke up and realized the we looked like dime-store Halloween decorations or extras from a community theatre production of A Christmas Carol, and we put the capes down and backed slowly away. Except maybe for that really nice vintage one stuffed in a box somewhere in the basement.

But maybe we were at least a little bit right about capes. They are dramatic, sophisticated, and European. Or at least they can be, done right. Which is to say, not in black velvet with a satin lining. And most assuredly not with a tophat and cane.

vogue hommes japan asymmetric cape
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  1. Apparently I will be revisiting the men’s department. I would love these over some eggplant leggings. Seriously- this stuff would never get my attention without you. Thanks.