Exclusive :: BloodMilk Lookbook Previews | Haute Macabre

Exclusive :: BloodMilk Lookbook Previews

Haute Macabre has been given exclusive images from BloodMilk’s upcoming LookBook.

Yeah, they’re as awesome as you’d expect.

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  1. I don’t really understand why people are saying Blood Milk has ripped off Pamela Love or anyone else. Do you personally know these designers and exactly when and where they came up with their ideas? I don’t think so. Blood Milk has been producing this style of beautifully made custom jewelry for years, so to come on here and say that it is unoriginal seems pretty ignorant.

  2. If inexpensive hipster trinkets are what you are seeking then absolutely Bloodmilk is not for you. There is a subtlety to this artist’s work… each piece is rendered with depth of thought, an emotive pulse, and arcane influence that transcends ordinary fashion. More than one artist has chosen to reinterpret or depict a specific subject in their work, I find that it is not only refreshing but vital to be able to view variations on a theme.

  3. Hey guys,

    We try to let everyone have an open discourse in the threads. We do moderate the comments, but to be honest, we are mostly monitoring them for spam sneaking in. I’ve been keeping an eye on this thread in particular the last few days, and haven’t seen anything to cause me to really step in (until Monique requested it).

    Although I don’t agree that BloodMilk is unoriginal, I don’t want to prevent people from voicing their opinions here.

  4. It would be nice to have a moderator here to remind people to remain on topic. As Michelle stated, this intent of this thread was to celebrate the new BloodMilk lookbook–not to bash the artist. Come on, people–if you’re claiming BloodMilk is copied from other artists, that is just completely false. Similar themes and outright copying are two VERY different things!

    Yes, the prices have increased somewhat as the cost of precious metals have skyrocketed. That is inevitable–all artists have had to do this to survive. Look at where the price of silver was last year compared to now–it’s shocking. The cost has doubled.

    Back to the lookbook, please! Looks hauntingly beautiful to me.

  5. I find this whole thread a bit disheartening. This woman has a very special and original line. This post was about her fabulous look book images. Somehow it has turned into a place to bad rap this very talented artist and accuse her of being unoriginal. Which I am quite shocked by. Many artists have chosen to work in this medium, few with the quality and originality Bloodmilk exudes. As for her prices going up…. The cost of precious metal has jumped drastically. I feel for the detailed and uniqueness displayed by Bloodmilk it is definitely in the right pricepoint. I guess it’s like shoes, you can buy cheap knock offs that you wear out in a month or spend money and invest in something that will last you for years. We all love shoes it seems on this site. Do we see people lashing out at different pricepoints in that arena? This just seems a bit harsh on this designer. I own a number of her pieces myself and cherish them. The work is worth every penny.

  6. I own several pieces of bloodmilk jewelry that family and friends have purchased for me. I will have to agree with the pricing. It’s too expensive. I have watched her prices go up and up. However if you get family to pool their $$, they can get you one piece.
    I will have to agree that in the beginning – I believe that she used castings from another artist to create her pieces. My friend has the crow claw with the baby crow skull – necklace. And I have two necklaces from another Etsy seller of the crow claw and skull and they are the same.
    Going back to prices. BM is almost as expensive as Pam Love’s. However, Love’s pieces are HUGH – I own one of her talon cuffs in sterling silver and one of her Sacret Hearts.
    I can see why you would think bloodmilk is copying. Some of her pieces are original design – others are not.
    I’m not the only one who can see the Love influence on some of BM pieces. I love bloodmilk jewelry, but I would suggest to shop around first. There are other artists who have simular items that are affordable and they are made in sterling silver and gold as well.

  7. I own ten pieces of BloodMilk jewelry, and I can tell you for certain they are all made with sterling silver or rose gold plate–expensive metals. The quality is always impeccable, and the pieces are unique and truly beautiful. Aside from their beauty, BloodMilk jewels are rich with symbolism and meaning. Read the descriptions accompanying the pieces to see how much thought and inspiration goes into each one.
    Yes, other artists make jewelry from bones–it’s not the kind of thing only one artist is allowed to do. Humans have been creating adornments from bones since the beginning of time.
    Pamela Love’s pieces are not cast from actual bones to the best of my knowledge–but are wax carved. The quality is good there too, but the prices are REALLY high.
    I’m never disappointed with the quality of BloodMilk jewelry, and I highly recommend it to readers looking for REAL jewelry, not trendy throw-away junk.

  8. Bloodmilk is COMPLETELY original. She pushes her line beyond the common run of the mill cast jewelry. If you cast ANY skull from an animal, it will look very similar. What she then does with these pieces with her creative mind is what makes her different. The metals and materials are all hand picked and she puts her heart into each piece, rather than just run mass produced quantities of the same pieces. She truly strives to keep her line fresh in a market that is quickly becoming over saturated, and incorporates elements that mean something to her personally. Much respect to Bloodmilk and her ever evolving line. It’s a beautiful line that deserves the credit it has garnered. You get what you pay for when it comes to custom jewelry, and with Bloodmilk you get quality….

  9. Go visit Pamela Love website. Bloodmilk is NOT original. She has ripped off Love’s works. The skeleton key shown at the bottom left with the fish. Is purchased from another artist who also makes the skulls she uses for her jewelry. Like the vampire bat, the humming bird and crow skulls, plus some of the claws and talons are from this same artist in Canada as well.

  10. I agree with Alison. I buy my jewelry to wear them for a long time, so they just can’t be made of materials that turn my skin green, themselves turn from silvery grey to purple or something similar. If somebody wants their moment in fashion or whatever, doesn’t plan to use them for the rest of their lives, those cheap things have their place. And no, even I can’t afford to buy more than one piece maybe, but then even more love goes to them…

  11. I suppose it depends on whether you want to buy throwaway jewelry or not. Anything that costs $20 is most likely made of nickel or some other cheap material. If you’re buying precious metals, than it’s going to cost you.

  12. Kat’s right to a certain extent. Of course, a number of Bloodmilk’s stuff is unique (and priced higher than stuff you can find on St. Mark’s because it isn’t mass-produced).
    But considering how popular the goth and punk aesthetic has become in mainstream fashion, it’s pretty easy to find similar items elsewhere for much cheaper.

  13. I dunno, because I remember seeing little stores selling snake rib bones bracelets, pyramid rings, a lot of similarities, and basically the same things, along the stores near st. marks place, and even soho, for half the price even cheaper. I’m not saying that they’re not pretty, but that you can find very similar jewelry for people who just can’t afford it, I was just helping the poppy chick out. But I honestly feel that bloodmilk is overpriced, that’s all.