Inner Demons | Haute Macabre

Inner Demons

Inner Demons
Photographed by Jerry Bennett :: Modeled & MUA by Manchester
Wardrobe and Styled by Alex London

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  1. I can’t look away…..Her skin, partially blackened, like the darkness from the inside can no longer be contained.This set of images haunts me in the most perfect way.

  2. Stunning work, and tastefully done. Alex London knows how to style, with classy curiosity. Jerry Bennet captured the model and her spirit gracefully, as well as the tones and textures. The first picture looks ice cold, and I love that wire gorget. The floor in the images looks as if the model is standing on a white cloud of smoke against a dark and gloomy nether.

  3. How could we not? The production throughout all of it speaks of utter perfectionism; the movement, the posing, the lighting and set design. The body makeup is singularly amazing, I love the semi-wet texture (what did you use; grease-based paint?). You should feel proud, this is excellent.