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It’s No Glass Slipper

Presently, this is just a Photoshopped concept image, but how far off is an implant like this? Breast augmentation is commonplace, and in more extreme modification subcultures, jewelry and whiskers implants are.  We’ve seen forked tongues and devil horns, so why does this seem like it’s went just a step too far (pardon my terrible pun)?

From Bit Rebels :

We have seen the odd and weird peirced people that literally changed their appearance into something uneartly assuming to get attention or to be original.  So why would this not be possible as well?  An incorporated stiletto heel into your foot could possibly be the new “edge”.  I am sure we’ll see someone who will go all out and actually do this.  To me, this is just as weird as it comes.  It looks painful and alien to me, but I guess the stuff people will do to stand out will always be pushed farther and farther into the land of the weird.  What do you think?  Is this something that women dream of?

Via Laughing Squid

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  1. This is weird. I know a picture like this, but with a slightly lower heel. It was on a poster I walked by every day at school, and I swear it was by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, and yet when I google her I can’t find it anywhere…

  2. This idea is not as unique as it may seem. Have a look at the book “Disciple & Maitre” (engl. version “Disciple & Master”) /Joel-Peter Witkin / Pierre Borhan published in the year 2000. It contains Witkin’s photograph Nègre’s Fetishist with some sort of additional heels mounted to a woman’s feet. Even 1990 when the image was created strong thoughts of body modification where present among human beings. Let us help to spread those ideas and speed up the process of getting a crazy doctor and a willing patient together. I wish the creator of this concept image had done his homework. The content is choosen for effect only. The details are on a rather low quality level (shadows, texture, background…) It’s always in the details

  3. Stiletto heels can be sexy. A naked foot shaped like a stiletto is NOT. Heels are all about how they present the top of ones foot, and how the angle of the heel changes your legs and your ass. This is all about ‘hey look I’m grotesquely deformed’

  4. I literally jumped when I saw that. Body modification for personal enjoyment and expression is one thing, body modification to cram oneself into unrealistic clothing and footwear is another. I really wouldn’t compare piercings and forked tongues to having ribs and toes removed so you can wear couture. Fashion is not worth it, because you can’t take surgeries back like you can an outfit.

  5. all I can think about looking at the picture is the amount of pressure that would be on the skin under the implant heel. That and how the toe is bending too far. Also, how would one protect their feet from stuff on the ground?

  6. something tells me the skin wouldn’t be elastic enough to stretch over a heel… maybe i’m wrong? and yeah….. you know how painful it is just to walk around in heels for a day… what about a lifetime? and if someone is this much of a stiletto fetishist, they’d probably prefer to be able to change heels at will.
    this does remind me of the women i hear of that get their leg bones stretched in order to become taller. while i admit i wish my legs were an inch longer, that sounds agonizing!

  7. I keep worrying about that skin. I have blisters right now from wearing the wrong socks on a run. I’ve broken lots of toes. This seems like a terrible combination of the two.

    This will give me nightmares. Guaranteed.

  8. As a dancer I remember sitting on the floor outside the dance studio, talking about feet with some fellow dancers. We all agreed that it would be nice to be able to shorten all the toes to equal length, so that all the toes would reach the floor, and support us, in pointe shoes… 🙂

  9. Former certified pedorthist here. I had the unique privilege (horror?) of witnessing the effects of the “foot mod craze” in the early 2000’s when women were having their 5th metatarsal bone (pinky toe) SURGICALLY REMOVED to fit into those pointy Manolo Blahnik heels. ‘Doctors’ who performed this surgery were receiving thousands of dollars to do so and it was not covered by insurance. I spent many hours with grieving patients – mostly young women in their early 30’s – who were simply dumbfounded that they would be spending the rest of their adult lives in orthopedic shoes in order to walk without pain, as a result of this senseless and barbaric surgery.

    Any ex-ballerina or professional dancer knows that your arches collapse into a hideous pile of mush from years of excess pressure. Permanently “posing” your foot as shown in the photo would literally be impossible to achieve without full foot reconstruction surgery and a lifetime of breaking / re-breaking bones…never mind the various pressure shifts if you gain weight. Sound sexy? Your feet are literally the foundation of your entire body. If they are not strong, healthy, and functional…you can’t f*cking walk. For realz.

  10. Great point, Mel.

    Just… OW! Thinking of other body mods: no one puts their full body weight on a forked tongue or pierced… anything. These are the feet we’re talking about, though. This would be a gruesome, painful, expensive injury waiting to happen.

  11. So what happens if you want to wear wedges?
    this seems way too painful, I mean high heels are already painful and they at least offer some sort of support, an implant woudn’t offer any support.