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Kristen Stewart in Vogue Italia

I’m no Twilight fan (OK, that’s a serious understatement), but Kristen Stewart looks a bit more classically vampish in this editorial, shot by Michelangelo Di Battista for Vogue Italia.

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  1. Overall I like this shoot. It makes KS look vaguely interesting rather than an easily ignored petulant princess type. Agrred that the last dress doesn’t fit her well. She seems too short to pull off that look. Only a model built like a giraffe could pull it off. It makes her look a bit short but it could be the camera angle to blame in part as well. The Sweeney Todd’s room vibe is nice too.

  2. I understand the populism of a shoot featuring her but disappointing that Vogue would waste the time and money on this. She has the enthusiasm and personality of a wooden plank and the last dress is ill-fitting.

  3. Much as I loath Twilight, I really do like this actress. Here’s, hoping whatever she does next gets a let of recognition so she doesn’t wind up forever type cast as Bella Swan.
    She has a slight stiff, awkwardness to her that this photographer made really good use of.