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New Advertiser : Decadent Designs

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Decadent Designs

Decadent Designs is a Toronto based fashion line specializing in hand made clothes for women.  The collection is inspired by noir styles of the early twentieth century, romantic gowns of the Victorian era, and futuristic films, all merging together to create a truly unique signature style.

They offer elegant cocktail dresses, sophisticated even wear, couture gowns, edgy tops and skirts to compliment your wardrobe, neck corsets and other avant-garde pieces for those who are not afraid to be noticed.

2 Comment

  1. I’ve ordered a corset from them custom made. The materials I received were quite different from what I paid very good money for. The spiral steel boning was plastic dancer’s boning like that found in very cheap bustiers of any department store. The lining was different from what was listed, and on and on. Since it was custom made, they wouldn’t accept a return from me even though it was not at all what I ordered. They’re still selling the corset with the false listing, too. While I really admire the designing skill and style of this company, they are not an honest or high quality place to purchase from- especially corsets.

  2. Huh. Epic fail. On the iPad, all you get is a little icon in the middle of the web page proposing that you should update Flash, which of course you can’t. Too bad—it looks like they have some really hot stuff.