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A is for Arsenic Taxidermia Giveaway!

 Amelia Arsenic’s newest range, Taxidermia, was just released earlier this month, and in Haute Macabre tradition, Amelia will be giving away a prize pack from the collection!

To enter to win a shirt and piece of jewelry of your choice, just complete these three steps :

A winner will be randomly selected Saturday, December 31!

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  1. I love this collection! I want to buy it all up and wear it night and day! Never enter any contests but figured why not, could be the luckiest day in 2011 🙂

  2. All Requirements completed.
    Very aesthetically pleasing collection.
    Love the nature inspired jewelery.

  3. I’m not usually a girl who is “dying” for a piece of jewelry, but DANG. The Taxidermia jewelry… I’m in love.

  4. I covet everything the talented Amelia produces, from her music, through fashion and accessories to her makeup. Amazing!

  5. omg so may people have entered. i love this line. im so proud of amelia!! i remeber back when i first read about angelspits very first album in gothiic beauty mag. so stoked!!

  6. I love Amelia and I have been an Angelspit fan since high school! I would die of happiness if I get one of these new pieces from A is for Arsenic <3

  7. Beautiful range! Where do you find time to do everything amelia? You are very talented. Ahoy from Oz.

  8. The form wasn’t showing properly so I couldn’t enter my details correctly so please excuse any mistakes =/

    I’d give anything to win this, I love this new collection almost as much as I love this blog.
    I’m painfully aware of how I never win anything, and I’m a student who doesn’t really stand a chance of affording these clothes =( So all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that my luck changes.

    It would also be nice to show how girls on the larger side can still get away wearing these clothes, with myself being like a UK size 18. Just ’cause I’m bigger doesn’t mean I can’t have style 😉

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