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Exposure Therapy

A few weeks back I found this beautiful blue sweater in a shop. It fit me perfectly. It looked fantastic. It brought out the color of my eyes and complemented my current hair color. It was soft and warm and comfortable. I carried it around the store for an hour, but in the end I failed to buy it. It was blue, and I was afraid. I even went back for it a week later, but it was gone. Our romance was over before it began.

The loss of my beloved blue sweater made me realize that, as much as I love black, I also fear other colors. Like, fear them. So, welcome to my New Years Resolution: no buying black this year. None.  I figure, if  Zooetica went a full year without buying anything new, and Amber’s No Pants 2011 resolution held up, I should totally be able to do this. Right?

At worst, I’ll save money on clothes. At best, I’ll force myself to confront my fears and incorporate some of the colors I actually love into my wardrobe: deep blue, olive and forest green, plum, taupe, chocolate, cranberry- who knows, perhaps even mauve.


 Do You See What I Sepia? Dress, $134.99   †   European Culture Dress, $89   †   Plum Role Dress: $49.99

Cashmere Dolman, $79.90    †  Amelia Boot, $168    †  Robert Collina Cardigan, $98

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  1. I’ve been conciously trying to inject a splash of colour into my daily outfit but always feel more put together in a monochromatic outfit. I have found grey and pin stripes to be a good way to break it up. I do have some colour in my wardrobe in berry shades – my fav. red, pink and purple – but much of it is casual wear. I can’t help but gravitate to the black items in op shops/thrift stores. As Lyzah says in Australia the retail offerings are unexciting. I’d love for H&M to open up here! I’ve got a few of bits I got second hand (yeah, they’re grey!) that are interesting and of flattering cuts.

  2. Lets talk about how far into the same boat I am. My closet consists of black and grey. I too am literally afraid of color in my wardrobe and feel odd with it on, regardless of how lovely it may look. Today though, I found a wallet that I fell in love with that was a lovely green and after walking around for about 30 minutes, I actually bought it. I’m proud of myself for making the jump. I typically pick something up that I like and talk myself out of it about 15 minutes later, often times regretting it afterwards.
    We can do this…I hope. This is a a good fear to break.

  3. Good luck with this – I try not wearing black from time to time. I have the best luck with the greens, blues and greys as it suits my complection, pale skin, light blue eyes and blue/black hair. Grey – its light black!!! What I love the most is inspired by Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode in the 101 concert, all white with black accessories. Its a radical look, totally stunning and a great time to break out all that black patent leather. The added bonus is walking around with the live instrumental opening of Stripped in your head. Come with me, into the trees….

  4. I’ve been trying to do this for a while but have a hard time breaking my mould. Maybe it’s because there’s not much choice in Australia regarding clothing – the masses went crazy when Zara opened – boring! I like to try on and feel clothing purchases, not just buy online but in Sydney you have a choice of mainstream clothing or specific genre (ie industrial, goth, rockabilly, retro), or otherwise you need to pay big $$$ for my fave which is deconstructed tailoring. I live in hope.

  5. You can do it! One note though: once you buy it, you gots to wear it. I say this having had a similar experience a while ago when I failed to actually integrate the new goods into my everyday look, thus eventually getting rid of all my new colorful stuffs, again. I believe in you!

  6. Great idea, I’m eager to see what you find! Also, do check ebay for you blue sweater… I’ve had luck doing that in the past when I’ve missed out on a specific item in the stores!

  7. I’ve been doing the same thing the past year! I hit the point where I started feeling sort of self-conscious whenever I was monochromatic, and started adding a lot of earthy and neutral colors to my wardrobe.

    I actually have that Plum Role dress, I wore it to Sleep No More a few months ago!

  8. Me too!!!! Went shopping yesterday (first time since last winter) and bought a stonewashed blue knit, a dark foresty green turtleneck, a black and white off the shoulder sweater, charcoal leggings… And I’m on the prowl for really orangey-burnt umber leather boots. Felt very accomplished! Disregard the black tights and obligatory black/grey striped top that also came home in my shopping bag, and I’ve made my first non-black step in years!

  9. I did something similar last year. I resolved to put more colour into
    my wardrobe. I still bought black things as
    basics suffered ware and needed replacing. The
    addition of well loved and chosen colours has
    proven to be wonderful! Enjoy! …and good luck.