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We Blame the 90s

About a year ago, Nixon saw some angsty youths on the street, and wondered,

“Is my memory just all wrong? Did we look just as ridiculous at that age? Did we just think we were beautiful and badass?  Was it really that different after all?”

You tell me.

Sam, 1995
Nixon, 1999
Zoetica, 1998
Courtney Riot, 1998

This post (and nagging everyone to find and scan photos of themselves) was inspired by finding a high school era photo album while packing up to move, and by Coilhouse’s recent Teen Goth post.  We’d love to see your photos, too!  Upload them to our Facebook page!

More nostalgia after the jump!

Nixon, 1993

Zoetica, 1998
Sam & her friend Matt, 1995

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  1. I think all of you looked absolutely wonderful, especially Nixon & Zoetica.

    While I had plenty of spooky interests & a love of wearing black, I did not actually discover there was such a thing as “Goth” until I was about 17. Being older than the average Baby Bat at the time, I didn’t have much chance to embarrass myself – I went from owning a couple things from Hot Topic and just wearing them on my days off, to switching back to plain black & gray everything. It was easier, and looked better. I usually don’t wear much makeup, either. However, every time I post a picture, I have to deal with the condescending remarks from scathing elitists on Gothic Internet communities: “But you don’t LOOK very Goth…”

    Silly me, I thought that whole “get your Goth Card stamped” thing was supposed to be a joke!

  2. Late 90’s?? God, I feel old since I wore similar things in the 80’s! I was a bit too young in ’79 to go black but I did see Gary Numan that year.

    You guys look GREAT!

  3. i don’t think there are any remaining photos from my 90s goth years, and thankfully so. combat boots, dreadfalls of unusual size, platform boots/shoes/runners, and dangerous combinations of velvet, vinyl, and fishnet? sadly i went from my goth years into club kid years, so there are lots of photos of the crossover…

  4. I wasn’t allowed to dress goth because my mother thought that i was trying to be a boy or do drugs or something, so I just wore as many striped socks and studded accessories as I could get away with and sewed patches all over my denim jacket. Oh it was real lame, trust me.

  5. I have some pretty glorious photos of my thirteen year old Kindergoth self in shitty combat boots and stripey stockings and ridiculous bondage pants. Plus purple hair and eyeliner about an inch thick. Aw yiss.

  6. The photos of Sam remind me of my style as a teenager. Eternal Love medieval-style drsses, swoopy Black Kindergarten bell sleeve tops and 6″ Fantasy UK shoes. I was all about the romanti-goth flavor. 🙂 The femininity still informs my style, but in a refined way.

  7. You guys look amazing, and WAY better than I did at the time. Oh, the memories of the taste of Wet ‘n’ Wild black lipstick…

  8. Taste is something that is made, not something you are born with. Look at it on the bright side, at least you looked pretty badass. I just looked like a dweeb when I was that age. Why, oh why, did nobody teach me how to pick out cool-looking eyeglass frames?

  9. I think part of the fun of being a teenager is dressing ridiculous. I am the first to admit that I dressed TERRIBLY, but I still regret how camera shy I was because I think the older you get, the more fun these things are to laugh at.

    Sadly at a current age of 21, I was a 00s goth and not nearly as cool as the 90s flavour, especially since I was conscious that I was clinging to a dead subculture (and furious that I got conflated with the Marilyn Manson fans. Good times).

  10. Wow, you guys look a hell of a lot cooler, and more put-together than I did as a young teenager. You all look amazing.

    Its not that the style itself is bad, or the way its worn looks bad, its that the juxtaposition of such an older style with young faces is difficult to process. You don’t, and can’t realize how “young” you or your friends look until later.

    And its impossible to view yourself objectively when you actually are that age. It takes years to learn what works and what doesn’t.

    1. Natalie, I think that was just a good day. Trust me, some of the other photos I found of myself were horrendous. Fourteen year olds should not be allowed anywhere near black eyeliner.