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Etsy Find : Adelina Mictlan

A few days ago, I asked Twitter if married ladies wear other rings besides their wedding band.  It was entirely because of finding this on Etsy (it’s even in my size!!).

I’m a little bit in love with Adelina Mictlan’s jewelry.

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  1. I’m a married lady of almost 15 years, and the only fingers that are bare of rings are my left index finger, my right pinky, and my thumbs. Other than that, it’s huge silver sculptures on each finger.

  2. Another married lady here – I currently have 4 rings in rotation that I wear in place of my wedding band depending on my mood/plans for the day.

  3. I’ve been a married lady for 40 years and I sport a molar, incised with a crescent moon, ring by Adelina Mictlan on my pinky. I LOVE it! Like to keep people guessing!