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This Saturday in LA: Chet Zar’s Conjoined 2

This Saturday, Bergamot Station’s Copro Nason gallery will host the second installment of Conjoined. The event announcement reads:

The Sequel picks up where Conjoined 1 left off last year at this time. More classic sculptures, Life like models, Surreal assemblages, mixed media paintings, life sized toys and other conjoined works in 3-D. From the twisted and bizarre to the majestic and unbelievable there will be many unusual works!

Curated by painted monster maestro, Chet Zar, last year’s launch saw record attendance, numerous dropped jaws and abundant late-night lingerers, such was the entrancing power of the works displayed. Previews of art to be featured in Conjoined 2 have begun to surface on the Copro website to a similar effect:

Dead Pope, Chet Zar

More examples follow this text! Show up between 8 and 11pm for a chance to see these and many, many other pieces by today’s leading pop-surrealists, film special effects pros and well known toy creators, and say hello to our very own Zoetica, who has two paintings in the exhibit and will be in attendance along with many of the featured artists. This is one show you don’t want to miss – see you there!

Stitch Ears, Laurie Hassold

The Fast Supper, Jason Hite

Filthy Johnson, Paul Chatem

La Petite Mort, Christopher Conte

Cephalotus Geminus, Zoetica Ebb

Vati-Cane, Francesco De Molfetta

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