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Light & Dark

Kate Moss by Steven Klein for W Magazine, March 2012
Styled by Edward Enninful

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  1. There are some very beautiful pieces here. There are decadent details, intriguing lighting and it is very well produced. I think for me its over produced. The themes are cliche and it gives me the feeling that I’ve seen it all before. Images that should be stirring end up feeling overwrought and uninspired.

  2. It’s a ‘good bits’ thing. I like her hair in the first one, but the dress is more like a muumuu. I like the black lace gloves, but what’s with the Bath chair & the Valkyrie-style birds? I love the red swan but the rest of the photo is a mess. The corpse pose… nope. The pvc nun? Nope. The rest of the shoot? Nope. The whole shoot–the imagery, the props, it’s all over the place, completely unfocussed. It’s as if somebody said, Let’s do the goth thing. And maybe some religious stuff, goths like religious stuff, amirite? And ooh yeah, fetish is big, throw in some vinyl.

    I do love the ‘black’ mag cover though.

  3. Not doing anything for me either. You can’t really see much of the clothes, it’s all about Kate looking like an alien, the sexualised religious iconography thing has been done to death. The photo editing seems to be trying to make up up for extremely poor framing. What’s with the blurriness on the colourful close up?! Actually the crap framing on this lot is really annoying me! 😛

  4. I don’t think it’s that great either. I really dislike the way the photos were retouched – they almost look like the embossed tool that you get on really basic photo editing software, and to me it almost makes the photos quite unpleasant to look at.

  5. It’s not my thing either, but specifically can you explain what doesn’t appeal to you? I can’t quite put my finger on what’s turning me off; I guess the overall messiness and the unclear religious parallel being drawn. I don’t think the shoot is as strong as it could have been.