Blood Moon | Haute Macabre

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  1. I saw the clothes before I noticed the jewellery but the clothes are (deliberately) unremarkable. As a shoot it’s aesthetically pleasing in it’s composition and might have been stronger if shot in an outdoors location like a field, wetland or forest? On its own it isn’t about the jewellery but a mood or style. Such a small object is hard to depict well without it being a pure product shot.

  2. You can reduce just about everything in ‘dark’ aesthetics down to a cliché… I don’t really care, as long as it looks GOOD or has some kind of spin on it.
    Pretty boy wears his cliché well.

  3. Agreed, Sally. 🙂 Love everything about these photos… especially the first one.

    Can’t get over the second photo: the model looks so much like a young version of my mom!

  4. the guy has nineinchnails and an inverted cross tattoo,what a cliché…but overall the line and the pics are ok.