Iris Schieferstein's Taxidermy Footwear | Haute Macabre

Iris Schieferstein’s Taxidermy Footwear

I’m not sure how I feel about that, but couldn’t exactly NOT pass these bizarre and creepy shoes along: Iris Scheiferstein.


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  1. It’s sculpture rather than fashion. Taken in that context it’s not so horrible to contemplate. If these were shoes for Lady Gaga to wear in order to be outrageous or similar I’d have a problem with it. Aesthetically they aren’t doing it for me though.

  2. just fabulous!

    she’s not a cobbler, she’s an artist.
    Read about her approach, her sensibilities, etc…It’s not just for the shock value!

  3. If you think about it, it’s actually just a more straightforward declaration of what we wear on our feet already. I think they’re pretty rad in a kind of faun-esque way.