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Shoe Review: Fluevog’s Adriana Luna

This weekend, I went shoe shopping for the first time since I made my no-black New Year’s resolution, and here is what I bought- the first non-black shoes I’ve owned since an ill-conceived pair of turquoise Chuck Taylors in 1991:Fluevog’s Adriana Luna. Don’t worry: they come in black, too.

A quick boot review: They are way prettier in person! They are also way lighter in color than they look in the photo- closer to fawn.

I actually pick them up today, as they had to spend the night in the calf stretcher. If you order these boots online, expect to take them in for stretching immediately. They make them tight through the calves intentionally, which allows them to be stretched to fit you and avoids that hideous gaping thing I constantly see on girls with ill-fitting tall boots. But it also means that, according to my sales guy, only about 5% of customers can even zip these all the way right out of the box. This isn’t too clear on the Fluevog site (although it is if you take the time to read the comments).

I usually wear a 7.5, but a 7 felt good in these even in medium socks, especially knowing that the leather will stretch pretty quickly as it breaks in. They feel quite comfy, and I’m sure will get comfier quickly, but do have a thinner sole than you may be used to in ‘Vogs-  you can kind of feel the ground!

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  1. Oh man, I just bought myself the first pair of NICE boots ever, and it was a toss up between Fluvog and Frye (I went with the Frye Carson lace-up boots). They are THE most comfortable shoes I own, and I think the next good pair I buy will probably be from Fluvog, especially after hearing more good things from a blog I love.

  2. LOVE these! Beautiful, classic design. I’d go for them in a heartbeat were it not for the price (I’m unemployed now) and the fact they’re real leather (I’m OK with others not feeling the same way though; just a personal choice). Pining for them otherwise — I have itty bitty calves and would love to have boots that don’t look like galoshes on me!