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Von Follies

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Dita Von Teese  launched her new lingerie line for Target (yes, Target), Von Follies, with a recent runway show. Props to Dita for both designing for and populating the runway with a variety of shapes and sizes. One more reason to love us some Dita.

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  1. It frustrates me that some of these models are considered ‘plus size’, or whatever. They’re still very proportionate! They’re all very feminine, which gets lost in so much female fashion.

  2. I was in Target the other day and surprised to see an image of Dita and this line but also glad that this sort of thing is available in Australia because we tend to miss out of a lot the more interesting fashion that’s taken for granted overseas. Refreshing to see some ladies on the catwalk who aren’t typical runway size models, looking just as gorgeous. It gives us average sized ladies a better idea as to how it could look on us. But yes that last lady and the one in the mask looks like standard runway models – there’s nothing wrong with throwing them in the mix.

    As to Australian sizing compared with Elle McP’s line – in my personal experience her line is TINY and I don’t think it is to Australian standard size. If you measure yourself up and figure out your size by Australian sizing you should be fine with Target. It worked for me when I went up a bit recently, and now I’m only wearing Target bras! Here’s a helpful site for you 🙂

  3. I love the fact that Dita did not use standard size runway models for all the girls in her show. Seeing some variety in the women’s body sizes was a breath of fresh air. I prefer to see models of different sizes. The photos of the product at the store level will have all the “fit model” sized women so I can see that visual there. Having the variety and difference on the runway allows me to see some reality of how the lingerie looks on a non fit model woman.

    t fit model I mean the models who are the perfect size for the designers to check how the garment fits. There are models who are a perfect size 2 and the designers use them to fit the garments and make sure the design works well for that size. I know a Layne Bryant fit model as well as a size 2 fit model for a well known NYC designer. They pay the bills well for just standing around wearing clothes. lolz!


  4. i don’t see a variety of sizes — they’re all pretty average (actual average, not runway average) and curvy to my eye. that last model is slim, but still seems to be a c cup. don’t mind me; i’m just bitter that grown-up sexy-looking undies don’t come in tiny sizes. 🙁

  5. A little odd that it’s for Target – but the designs are beautiful (and you’re right, great to see all shapes and sizes). Hopefully she’ll launch an affordable but not cheaply made global line soon! Something in the middle for cost and quality… like Aerie or H&M… so we can all wear it.

  6. I Hate to say this.. but I heard at least one person from Australia say they are very cheaply made..maybe they have VERY high standards for Target underwear..but I’d still like to see them up close and personal. 😉

  7. Gorgeous! Just wish the accessories were also for sale (looking at that one mask in particular). But I’m in the U.S. anyway, so it looks like I won’t see any of it here.

  8. Wish we could get some of this in the UK. All our stores get everything made in China and these days no matter what size it says on the Label there is no room for more than one bum cheek in any of the knickers and bra straps are all so thin I gouge great wedges out of my shoulder just trying to keep my boobies off the linoleum >:O(

    Help me Dita!!!

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