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She is Risen

Haute Macabre is honored to debute these images of JL Schnabel, the woman behind BloodMilk, by Purebred.

From Stacey of Purebred :

The portraits we shot with JL Schnabel of BloodMilk are part of our on-going artist portrait series where we try to reveal a personal truth about each person. We were really excited to work with Schnabel, as we have been long time fans of her Bloodmilk jewelry line AND readers of her thought provoking and well-curated blog under the same name. We spent a lot of time prior to the shoot throwing back and forth ideas with her and ultimately landed on two themes that seem to run throughout her creative life. The first, a kinship with the heroin Joan of Arc and the second, a sense of being in between places : air & earth, ethereal & tangible, cerebral creativity & the solidness of her works. We feel the resulting images each address these aspects of her creative process and reveal her strong, wizened, (quiet warrior) inner story.

We are really honored to have had the opportunity to work with JL – we consider her depth of character and talents immense and we are constantly inspired by her contributions to the fine art world, both as an artist and a curator.

Shoot Credits ::

Purebred Founders, Ransom & Mitchell
Photographer : Jason Mitchell
Set Design / Photo Illustration : Stacey Ransom
Hair / MUA : Jihyun Kim
Accessories Designer : Bloodmilk
Wardrobe Stylist : Alicia Campbell, Taxil Hoax Jewelry
Wardrobe Design : Eirik Aswang
Wardrobe Consultant : Christina Molcillo, Black Lotus Clothing
Artwork & Illustration (on flying pages & books) : Paul Romano
Vintage Swords : Audra Kunkle, Loved to Death

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