Anne Sophie Madsen A/W 2012 | Haute Macabre

Anne Sophie Madsen A/W 2012

In spite of some unrealistically scaled accessories, Anne Sophie Madsen’s Fall/Winter lookbook for 2012 is pretty awesome- the Mad Max knee pad garterbelt is amazing! Overall, though, what I find myself really wanting from this collection are the simple bleach-spattered basics underneath the crazy stuff- the pants and dresses.

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  1. I know it is relatively easy to make stuff like that but I don’t have the energy. if anyone comes across someone who specializes in bleach splat clothing please share. I love how it looks too.

  2. I totally agree that the basics are solid items, but the jacket in the first picture and the garter belt in the second are so amazingly over the top! I love it! 🙂