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Serious Stevie Realness

(or, How to Cry Your Eyes Out on a Friday Night).

If you haven’t seen this movie, and apparently no one I know has, it will take you a decade or two back in time and you will spend the entire time you are trying to watch it thinking things like  Holy Crap! That totally reminds me of the time we swore there was no concert on Earth we would drive all the way to New York city for except the Sisters of Mercy, who had been safely broken up for years, and we all solemnly agreed and then a week later the Sisters announced a reunion show in New York City  so we took a three day road trip in a Geo Metro.

I suggest getting together with those kids you hung out with in college, a couple of bottles of wine, and a large supply of tissues.

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  1. It’s a pile of cheese, but delicious cheese…dark and angst-y and fun. This flick is a guilty pleasure for me.

  2. Awww yeah, goth cred! I have this movie practically memorized… Love Gypsy 83! Don’t forget it was made in 2001, and the characters themselves are chastised for wearing styles from before their time. They were trying to be 80s goth in the new millennium (didn’t we all at some point in the late 90’s?), emulating a specific time when Stevie Nicks went through her own boho Gypsy Goth phase. The outfit Sara Rue wears and the spinning on stage move is straight from Stevie’s live tour 20 years earlier.

  3. Ha, I love that movie! It was randomly on netflx and while the whole Stevie nicks thing is questionable everyone else is spot on.

  4. OK, I think this has thrown up a very interesting cultural difference between early 80’s goth in the UK and the USA… namely Stevie Nicks????? Stevie Nicks? Are you kidding, she was a HIPPIE! No way any UK Goth girl wanted to look like Stevie Nicks!