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Word of the Day: Druzy

Druse (geology)

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In geological usage druse or druzy is a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface, vein or within a vug or geode.


Honestly, after high school I was pretty sure I would never own another piece of crystal jewelry. Every piece of quartz I saw reminded me of the crappy D&D store at the local mall,  gifts from my 10th grade boyfriend, and the uncomfortable Death Hippie phase I would really rather forget I ever went through. Patent leather Birkenstocks with fishnets? Yeah, that actually happened.


But lately I’m finding myself really drawn to raw stones and druzy .  Here is my Etsy roundup of some crystal jewelry that ends up looking modern, raw, and powerful (instead of like something I would’ve shoplifted when I was 14). Maybe it’s the lack of little silver fairies.



White Druzy Rung, $28.50  †   Crystal Point Ring, $43.00

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  1. Druzy is my very favorite, i even like the word “Druzy”. I also went through a faze in middle school-early high school. it was a variation of goth/hippie,had a ton of crystal necklaces that I would wear in a messy fringe down the front of my Doors shirts.

  2. Thanks for including my white druzy ring (28.50). I totally agree with you on the traditional metaphysical store/renaissance fair/old school hot topic crystal jewelry, but i’ve made bad accessory choices in the past as well. It really did go well with my knock off Doc Martens, I swear!