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Decadent Designs Giveaway!

haute macabre decadent designs

Decadent Designs is giving away one High Neck Corset to one Haute Macabre reader!

This super noir neck corset frames your face with black lace and taffeta fabric, laced with silver grommets, and enforced with spiral steel boning. How awesomely dramatic is that?

To enter to win, all you have to do is like Decadent Designs on Facebook (and Haute Macabre, too, while you’re at it!) and leave a comment below telling us what sort of Super Villainess you’d be while wearing this!

A winner will be selected at random on Saturday, January 19!

haute macabre decadent designs

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62 Comment

  1. I would be a villainess of voodoo! Granting all wishes with the price of their souls. Leader of all things mysterious and unknown. ­čÖé

  2. As Lady Severeielle I would change the world in a elegant darkness sphere. No more girls with Adidas jackets, Uggs, 100 layers of orange fondation, big spider mascara and baby pink lips. Everyone is gonna be a real individual and will accept the darkness. People from my past who hurted me, ignored me and laughed me out loud, will become my slaves and I won’t have mercy.

    This would also fit me very well since I do have a long neck, and thanks to the ballet I did as child, I still have that elegancy to wear it.

  3. I’d be the sort of villainess who was secretly in control of an empire. Generally written off as the wife or girlfriend of the faceless man who was more mascot than actual ruler, it would be me holding the cards and pulling the strings, and looking entirely too fabulous while doing so. But I would also not have to worry about having my gorgeous neck corset slit if revolution rose up– after all, as everyone knows, it’s the man who’s really the tyrant.

  4. My super villainess alter ego would live in dark opulence, in the comfort of shadows. A hybrid of gothic horror and film noir, the ultimate femme fatale. I would don this piece while sitting on my throne of of melded skulls, contemplating the fates of those among me in a smokey atmosphere full of dread and candles.

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