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Sleepless Storyteller

haute macabre sleepless storyteller

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Sleepless Storyteller

Sleepless Storyteller is a jewelry brand for alternative fashion fans with a penchant for steampunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, and general geek-chic. Each exceptionally odd piece features materials like recycled glass, gadgets, home computers, vintage jewelry or toys, electronic components and the occasional found object. Made by an eccentric novelist, these designs are all inspired by imagery that also fuels fiction. Techniques include wire-wrapping, sawing, polishing, and shaping using files and small power tools. Established in 2008, Sleepless Storyteller jewelry has been available in several retail locations around Vancouver and Victoria, BC.

You can find Sleepless Storyteller on Etsy and on Facebook!

haute macabre sleepless storyteller

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