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Shoeturday: Got My Eye On Duex



1.Fluevog Malcom, $299 //  2. Timberland Bethel Buckle Mid Lace, $101.99

3. Justin L9991, $89.99 // 4. KORS Stormette Rain Boot, $125

As so often happens, it seems that Sam and I went on shoe-buying sprees at exactly the same time. Right about when her Frye’s blew, my everyday Sam Edelmans disintegrated into a desiccated pile a la David Bowie at the end of The Hunger.  Last week she posted her winners, and this week I’m posting mine. This time around what I needed were a couple of pairs of all-purpose, comfy, casual boots for work that were sturdy enough to stand up to the three-block hike from parking to the office in San Francisco rainy season but didn’t make me look like a lumberjack.

Sadly, the Fluevogs weren’t available in my size right now, because they were pretty much perfect. But I’m waitlisted for them.

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  1. My assistant just showed up today in those very Timberlands. I noticed them, liked them, and asked who they were by. Now I’m e-stalking boots for my own hunt, clicked to see what HM readers thought of Sam’s first post and POOF here this is. Cosmic. They are quite nice in person and hers look pretty good for being “worn all winter.”