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Sophi Reaptress

sophi reaptress

You mean there’s someone out there that’s making awesome leggings that don’t cost a fortune? Sophi Reaptress is on it, thankfully.

I might be hitting her up for one of her amazing spiked eyepatches soon, depending on how an upcoming eye exam goes!


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  1. while the eyepatch is pretty neat the legging print is very off the rack. The reason why Black Milk & others similar are so pricey is because you get all this variety of designs.
    Take the skull one-I seen that print everywhere,on shirts,scarfs & whatnot. I wish there was a company that made a cool print that didn’t cost almost $100,they could even put it on not so great fabric as long as it was under $50. Only place I been finding sort of what I want is those cheapy Korean sites, but it takes forever to get them & shipping can get pretty pricey esp when I order from them on Ebay.

    *end of rant