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As Above, So Below


Sam says we should do more outfit posts. She did not specify that they actually needed to be OUR outfits, however, so this one is one stolen from the always adorable Alex is a Teacup.


Dress: Black Milk “Ribs Black Dress

Sweater: Widow

Necklace: BloodMilk “As Above So Below

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  1. I’m actually somewhat unsatisfied with the consistency of Black Milk’s print quality.
    I got the Bone Machine 2.0 leggings in a size small (and I’m definitely not stretching the material beyond what it should be – I’m 5’5″, 110 pounds), and the noticeable pixelation of the image bothers me, if I look too closely at it. I got it on their Black Friday sale, though, so I’m not *too* bothered (and it’s final sale anyway).
    I think it depends on the design, though – my roommate has the Saint Peter cross leggings, and those look fine, but they are also just a bunch of straight lines rather than a picture.

    I want some more of their leggings, but I’m wary now because of my dissatisfaction with the Bone Machine ones. :/

  2. Black Milks’ quality (fit + material + print quality) is fantastic and keep in mind they don’t outsource their labor. That’s partly why their clothing is more expensive. Paying a little extra for ethical, well-made clothing you can’t find equal imitations to? Fine by me!

  3. I love outfit posts, it’s cool to see people put things together well, especially unexpected combinations that really work.

    I still like Black Milk even if they don’t design images themselves. Anyway even with a picture I can’t print my own clothes, all I could do at home would be some kind of iron on transfer and those just don’t look as good. But I still don’t have any of their stuff, I don’t feel like taking a chance on anything since I’d have to spend so much on postage to return it if it didn’t fit.

  4. I liked black milk at first then I found the site where they get all their images from. They shouldn’t charge such high prices when you can make your own for less. I fell that it’s flat out wrong. Here’s where Black Milk gets the Vector Designs & you can too!!