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Casual Friday: Studded Sneakers


Here’s something we don’t often discuss on HM: Sneakers. I haven’t owned a pair of sneakers for fashion reasons in YEARS. Sure, I have a pair to run in, and when they explode they become for taking the dog to the beach, but I mean sneakers for the sake of sneakers. Suddenly, however, I find myself possessed by the urge to buy a pair of these studded goodies you see everywhere. At first, I thought about DIY’ing them, but in this case the time and effort involved seemed a bit extreme, between poking all those holes and lining the results to avoid foot injury (Honestly WTF claims you can use E6000, which would eliminate both issues, if you are so inclined). Plus, the cost of sneakers and studs is pretty equivalent to the cost of studded sneakers. Currently leading the pack in the “Sneakers under $100” category:


1. Jeffrey Campbell HOmg, $82.50    2. Charlotte Russe Studded Hi-Top, $36.50

3. MIA Daydreamer, $55.99    4. Penny Sue Studded Hi-Top, $47.99 

 5. Doc Marten’s Sostud, $63.75     6. Zigi Bank, $47.99

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  1. I’ll take one pair of each please! (They’re so cheap I could realistically do that & not break the bank.)

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