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Dollhouse Ducklings

dollhouse duckings 01

My husband is an incredibly patient and understanding person. He is tolerant of all of my whims, smiles and nods when I start ranting about ancient alien theories, and forgives my habits of leaving half empty cups of tea and tarot decks all over the house. However, there are only two things he’s ever put his foot down about. One, is a bit of a personal matter (hint :: it begins with a V and ends with a I don’t want kids ever), and the other is me bringing home anthropomorphic taxidermy. He also gets upset when I dress up the cat, but that’s just something he has to deal with.

This obviously means that I spent late nights trolling Ebay and Etsy for items that I’m explicitly not allowed to buy. Most of it is not so amazing, but then I came across KristensCreations111 on Etsy, and it was magical.

Thank you, KristensCreations111, for bringing things like taxidermied ducklings reenacting scenes from Friday the 13th movies into the world.

dollhouse duckings 02

dollhouse duckings 03

And a seahorse in a crib.

dollhouse duckings 04

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