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Etsy Find: Lookalikes


Vintage Men’s Moss Agate Ring, Sz. 14, $95

 I am totally enchanted by how much this vintage moss agate ring (men’s, and far too large for me, sadly) resembles a flock (platoon? herd?) of UFO’s. And, yes, my new iPhone case. Because, I really am that much of a dork.


I Want to Believe iPhone Case, $15.99

While I’m on the subject, Amazon has 24×36 I Want To Believe Posters for $1.63. I’m considering wrapping all of my Christmas presents in them next year.

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  1. I’m deep into an X-files re-watch (nearing end of season 4) and would die if I received an X-files wrapped christmas gift (though this year’s grumpy cat wrapping by my boy was equally amazing).

    I am now also enchanted with the ring.

    Surely it is a conspiracy of UFOs.