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  1. More Unicorns please!
    Srsly whoever doesn’t like unicorns goth or not, you are probably a troll from middle earth.
    My viewing of this blog went from 3 days a week to 4 just now.
    Look forward to even more of your new and tasteful posts =^.^=

  2. Oh snap!

    Seriously though, I think I’m adult enough to live with the occasional display of non-macabre clothing, even if they’re not to my taste. Carry on, ladies.

  3. Doesn’t anybody read anymore? Are we all becoming illiterate? Humans are getting more dense everyday.

  4. I have really been surprised at the pointless defeatist comments – all the ‘Guess I’m unsubscribing then, message me if you change back’ kinda things? As if you owe anybody anything just because they liked your blog. What’s the point of even saying that other than to bitch? If somebody told me my party sucked and they were leaving before it even started I wouldn’t look for them later to make sure they got a piece of cake.

  5. “We’d really love to hear what you think of this, and give us any feedback you might have.”

    But apparently only if it’s positive!

    1. Not at all, Xuch! Most of the negative feedback we have received hasn’t been constructive at all, so it doesn’t leave much room for us to respond.

  6. Those LEGGINGS. Haha. IMHO this blog was never really “Morticia Addams”-y or uber-goth in the first place, and that’s what I liked about it — not afraid to claim the “macabre,” but also not really about goth kitsch, which I think is funny but wouldn’t even wear when I was young enough to pull it off. Like these unicorn clothes.

  7. Yeah, this post kind of scared me since I hadn’t read the previous one about changes. It’s really awesome you’re following through with where you’re at currently in your life, and I fully support that! With that said, I feel like it betrays the HM brand and I’m not sure I want to stick around. I already live in NYC where Brooklynites bombard me with this stuff already. 🙁

    Best of luck to you!

  8. Oh wow, yeah, guess I’m unsubscribing…. Don’t even use any lube or take us out to dinner before you do that…. More like Hoax List please message me when you guys go back to normal