Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Info! | Haute Macabre

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Info!



We have been absolutely blown away by the popularity of Haute Macabre by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! Sales have been bananas, and we wanted to thank everyone who has purchased a bottle so far!

We’ve received a number of emails with questions regarding shipment, so here’s the deal :: Our initial run of this was fairly small, as we were not expecting such a huge response or demand. BPAL is working around the clock producing more stock for us right now, which will be available to ship to our customers within 2-4 weeks.

We have a very few number of bottles remaining right now that I can guarantee will be fulfilled this month. After that, we will refresh stock as needed, so it will be on backorder at that point. We will let everyone know as soon as that happens!

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support and your patience! I’ll be single handedly packing your orders and standing in line at the post office for you, and have a small mountain of bubble wrap and boxes in my living room at the moment waiting to be filled with your perfumes!