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Even in San Francisco, spring appears to have actually sprung. I am slightly sunburnt from wearing a short-sleeved dress yesterday, and I am looking forward to being able to feel air on my skin from time to time. I am also looking forward to a chance to play with what seems to be the fabric of the season: chiffon.  I like the movement of chiffon, the layering possibilities, and the fact that it’s sheer without being seethrough. Done right, it is one of those fabrics that can be really sexy in a very grown-up way.  (Which is to say, not to be worn with an obviously visible bra and daisy dukes, natch?)



1.Chiffon Pocket Tee, $33.86   2. Chiffon-back tee, $19.99

3.Draped Chiffon Overlay Top, $33.97   4. Silk Chiffon Top, $99.01


If you know why this picture is here, you are as dorky as I am. Congrads.

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